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© 2018 by Wide Eyed Records Manila

Nikki Nava bares her raw emotions on her first single, Secrets. 


"The truth is out there on your mind. The truth's so tender and kind," she begins the song in a hushed tone as if letting us in on a conversation she's having - one that's demanding honesty from the other person, but the person can't seem to deliver. 

Nava implodes with emotive but subdued revelations as the song progresses to its peak, "There are secrets you would tell me, but it feels so painful everytime I hear 'em." There is a strong sense of vulnerability in how she expresses herself through her lyrics as pristine electric guitar flourishes fittingly accompany her voice that's empathic, passionate, and authentic. 


Structurally, the track rejects traditional arrangements by going through a linear and non-repetitive flow that conveys the story interestingly and adequately reels you in for the whole telling.  

Nikki Nava ends it with a reverb-laden guitar solo, tying knots to the open-ended lyrics - calming out the song's burning sentiment. 


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The 5-minute single is just enough to hear how the guitars gently accompanied Nikki's voice. It was not overpowering, it's complementing.​.. Drifting above gentle compositions, Nikki's voice is raw, emotive, sometimes atmospheric but always strong. It’s passionate and authentic, and wise beyond its years.

- TheFlyingLugaw

Nikki Nava - Secrets (Live)

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