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Rusty Machines are an indie rock band based in Manila, Philippines. Formed in 2012, the band is comprised of Iggy San Pablo (vocals and guitars), Joshua Andres (guitars), Leandro Fabregas (bass), and Miko Miso (drums).

They make music that expands the space it occupies, to stretch the floor in order to make room for big movements if you’re by yourself, or share a brisk intimacy with a mass of bodies aiming for solace without solitary. They are a product of a world that nostalgia built, with its increased desire for human connection and endless quest to find one’s identity.

Their music lends itself to serve any of those purposes, if not all by some measure. It’s preoccupied with and invested on trial and error romance and articulates what it means to fit in a world that encourages you to dream big but also designed to shrink you in the process.

It wants you to own your space free from earthly limitations; where you can jump high and fly; where happiness is not only aspired, but assured; where love springs eternal.

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